R685 – Final Project Reflection + link

Busy days for me! I’ve been working like crazy all week to get caught up – since life happened so many, many times over the course of the semester. I’ve been feeling like I’m behind basically the entire semester, but thankfully we didn’t have to turn in our blog reflections until the 25th.

This post is about the project I chose for the R685 final project. I decided to go with a student-suggested option: creating a resource for use with the class. In discussing this with Dr. Bonk, he suggested I create a web site with four to ten video resources per topic.

The link to the site I created is here – check it out!

Behind the cut is my full reflection, which I turned in with this project.

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WordPress is awesome. It allows me to have a much more interesting web site with much less work; the dynamically-generated navigation is worth its weight in gold (assuming such a thing had a weight and that said weight was a lot). I can build a page and place it within the existing hierarchy with little or no trouble.

However, being as I’m not exactly a PHP genius (I rank somewhere around ‘rank novice,’ I’m pretty sure), it can be frustrating sometimes. I just broke comments.php so many times that I wasn’t sure I could ever fix it. But fix it I did – the comment form now displays on only those posts/pages wherein comments are actually allowed. This took far more time than it was probably worth wasting, but given that I actually managed to solve my problem, I’m glad I took the time to do it. Back to actual content, I guess!