Once again, I’m well out of date here.

I’ve had a busy year and change! In addition to fighting with multi-month-long health issues, I managed to complete my Master of Information Science at Indiana University in the last class to graduate from its School of Library and Information Science before the merger with the School of Informatics and Computing. I’ve lost over a hundred pounds and gotten a lot healthier, and I’ve accepted a full-time job that keeps me busy doing a lot of talking and traveling. My photo on the front page is now horribly out of date, as is the only before-and-after I have, but I hope to be posting some more information on that in its own blog post. I’ve also switched to a more streamlined design on the site because it was time for something new and updated my resume to reflect my most recent responsibilities, although by no means did I give it an overhaul because I’m not seeking new employment at this time (in fact, I recently found out my position’s funding was extended an extra year, through the end of July 2015, so I won’t be going anywhere for awhile). I also added a Curriculum Vitae page; given that my eventual plan is to get a PhD, it is necessary to maintain a record of presentations and publications with which I can be credited, and thus that list will live here.

I’ve also picked up a new hobby: nail art! In July of 2012 I realized that it was time to think about something I could do to take care of myself as part of an effort to improve my mental health. Since I was beginning to get tired of biting my nails all the time, I decided to use nail art as a way to keep myself from biting them. I haven’t bitten since July and I’ve been painting my nails ever since; they’re still in the recovery phase, however, after 27 years of abuse.