Some Social Media Links:

My profile is a pretty complete view of my work history since starting my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004.

You can find other useful links on my My page, including a link to my Facebook page.

Quick disclosure: I discovered via the BzzAgent program, where I had the opportunity to receive some free Business Cards from I opted not to take them up on it at present, preferring to save them a little longer until I have my page looking real sharp, but you can get the same free deal. I have to let you know that I’m required to be honest about how I feel about the system as part of the BzzAgent Terms of Engagement, but I think it’s really neat! It’s a good way to compile if you’re like me and have a metric ton of links you want people to see. Just go to to check it out – it’s free, and hey, if nothing else, free business cards.

Image required as part of the BzzAgent reporting protocol, sorry

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