A Wil Wheaton Quote I like a lot.

While I rode the elevator up to my floor, I looked out at the lobby. It was filled with people in all sorts of beautiful costumes, in groups of 3 and 4, or in large parties of 10 or more. Everyone spoke to each other with animated arm movements, people posed for and took pictures with and of each other, and everyone seemed to be having a great time getting their geek on.

“I’m looking at a con in Germany,” I thought, “but I could really be anywhere in the world, even my own town, and I’d be looking at essentially the same thing. This is how enormous and inclusive our culture is.”

I walked down the hallway and into my room, feeling lucky and proud to be part of this.

— From “Fedcon day two” in Wil Wheaton’s Blog. The entire post is something to read, but I really liked that synopsis of what it’s like being a part of geek culture.

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