bahalloc_portrait_1I’m Barbara Hallock. I completed my Master of Information Science at Indiana University School of Library and Information Science (now the Department of Information and Library Sciences within the School of Informatics and Computing) in December of 2012. I work as a systems analyst on an NSF-funded supercomputing project, and dabble in web development in my offtime.  I’m an excellent copy-writer, a decent web designer, and a passable graphic designer; in my spare time I like to dabble in photo-manipulation and fantasy-setting creative writing, as well as tabletop role playing games with my friends (be warned: I roll 20s!).

Fun fact: once, in a public relations class, we were given the assignment to choose an item people use every day, but don’t think about, and make it exciting.  Never one to back down from a challenge, I wrote the most incredible press release about toilet paper you’ll never read.